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SanthwanamTV Series



Santhwanam is a story about the life of a couple who are living in a joint family. The story revolves around the life and struggles of Subhashini Amma (Sathyavathana), her son, Sukumar(Sukumara), and his wife, Manjula(Manju).

TV Series

Television shows are a form of entertainment that consists of episodes that are released on television. Each episode may be further Santhwanam divided into acts, with each act being a portion of the overall story. A season is a collection of episodes from one or more seasons that collectively have an overall continuity and thematic link: for example, one season might take place in New York City and another might take place in San Francisco.

Some TV series have been adapted into movies such as Friends (which became popular), Gilmore Girls (which became even more popular), and The Big Bang Theory (which continues to be popular). Some TV series are produced by one company while others are produced by multiple companies; these may include Netflix or Amazon Prime Video as well as Hulu or HBO Now!


Santhwanam is a Malayalam language romantic comedy film directed by Nivin Pauly and written by Sajeev Pazhoor. It stars Dulquer Salmaan, Lal, and Navya Nair in the lead roles. The film’s music was composed by Oscar-winning composer A R Rahman and the cinematography was handled by Anand Laxman.[1] This is the second collaboration of Nivin Pauly and A R Rahman after their latest movie 2 States.[2]

Season 1

The first season of ‘Kalyana Savaasam’ was aired on 8th August 2019. The show is about a young man who wants to marry his cousin and get away from his life as an orphan. He lives with his grandmother, who happens to be Santhwanam a witch in disguise.

The second season started airing on 9th September 2019 and ended its run on 22nd September 2019 after 12 episodes were aired out of which 11 were telecasted regularly while 1 episode was made available for free viewing (available at www).

The drama stars Aravind Asokan as Ganesh Kumar & Aishwarya Sankaranarayanan as Ganga Prabha

Star cast

  • Manju Warrier
  • Suraj Venjarammood
  • Shamna Kasim
  • KrishnaSankar

Santhwanam is a story about the life of a couple who are living in a joint family.

Santhwanam is a story about the life of a couple who are living in a joint family. The plot revolves around the lives of this couple and how they deal with their problems. The story is set in a village where most people live together as one big family, but there are some couples who prefer to live separately.

The husband works as an accountant at his father’s firm while the wife stays home and looks after their children. Their son studies at school whereas their daughter goes to college nearby town every day after school hours end Santhwanam so that she can study further education on weekends too!


This is one of the most-watched TV series in Kerala. It is a story about how two people slowly fall in love but then get separated by circumstances beyond their control.

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