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Lara Peake is an actress who was born to kill.


In dayglo, she’s played a psychopath’s accomplice and a cyberdog alien. Here’s everything you need to know lara peake about lara Peake, who was born in Nottingham.

If you were as enthralled as we were by Channel 4’s recent four-part drama Born to Kill, you’ll be familiar with lara peake. The 18-year-old impressed as twisted fire-starter Christy, a role that sees her teeter on the edge of accomplice, while her elderly grandmother teeters on the edge of a particularly steep staircase, as the teenage girlfriend to a [spoiler alert] teenage psychopath on the rampage. She’s fantastic in it, just as she is in the recently released Spaces hip, a trippy debut by British director Alex Taylor in which she plays a day-glo alien with a deformed finger. Readers, talk about variety! With that film still in theatres, we called lara peake to talk about acting, ambition, and playing an assassin. All that you want to know is here.

How would you characterise yourself?

Most likely a mix of characters. I believe I have several personalities that I switch between depending on the situation. But, overall, I’d say lara peake I’m at a point where I want to be genuine.

What how about your companions say regarding you?

My friends would probably describe me as having a massive wall that I never let down. Everyone thinks I’m enigmatic. I’m not lara peake sure if that’s a good or bad thing. They may believe I am secretive, but I am not!

Do you have any hidden abilities?

My second toe can be bent. I discovered it has joints. It’s not the most useful skill, but I did just play an alien with a deformed lara peake finger, so if I’d shown them my toe, they might not have needed all the CGI.

Which is your favourite book?

The island is small.

Favorite movie?

Interrupted, girl. The film Pulp Fiction. Killers by nature. Something you can listen to on mute and still be amazed by.

Favorite album?

The Cramps’ Goo Goo Muck.

Favorite Store?

Shoes for the Underground.

What do you want to do in your spare moments?

I enjoy getting in my car with my cousin and driving to a scenic location where she will force me to smoke with her. We’ll be there for about four hours, chatting nonsense.

What do you imagine you would do if you weren’t an actor?

I’ve always wanted to be a spy.

When did you first start acting?

When I was 12, I joined a group called Inspire Academy in Nottingham. And I had an audition for a new British film called lara peake Bypass within my first two months there. From there, I was given the opportunity to travel to London to meet with casting directors and give it my all. And I landed the part.

What role would you play if you could play any role?

A murderer.

Who might play you in a film in light of your life?

Someone I can rely on and who knows me inside and out.

What has been the most unexpected thing you’ve ever done in the name of acting?

Spaceship was the job with the most unusual aspects. Every day was strange on that. We had no idea what we going to photograph.

Have you got a favourite actor?

I’ve got a lot. Larson, Brie. Ryder, Winona. Wilson, Ruth. Harrelson, Woody. I could go on and on.

Have you gotten a kick out of the attention that Born to Kill has brought you?

It’s been quite amusing. I went home for the weekend and was in Stealth nightclub, which is known for its heavy nights out, when a friend came over and said there’s this guy who’s a huge fan of Born to Kill. In the midst of this insane rave! Such situations are amusing.

What does it mean to you to act?

It’s something very personal to each actor because it’s a strange job to go into or want to go into. It’s completely unpredictable. To stay in it, I believe you must be extremely motivated. In a strange way, it’s similar to therapy. You’re constantly reading scripts, analysing other characters, and identifying bits that you can relate to. And if you get the part, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in it. Finally, I’ve learned so much about myself and changed in small ways after each job. I’ve added some interesting strands to my personality. That is extremely satisfying.

Do you have any words of wisdom for other aspiring actors?

If you have the drive and ambition to do something, go ahead and do it. Persevere. Continue your journey. And use any setbacks to your advantage. Look for the good in everything.

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