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How to partnrer with an optical lab


Dispensing eyeglasses can be a low-risk, high-return venture with the right optical lab. Here are some things to look for. A well-run optical dispensary can be the lifeline of your practice, accounting for up to 60% of total revenue. In addition, regardless soap2day of your in-house capabilities, you will require a good working relationship with at least one wholesale optical lab. How to partnrer with an optical lab that can provide reasonably priced, high-quality eyewear on time? Here are some search tips.

Measure The Discounts on How to partnrer with an optical lab

When selecting an optical lab, price is an essential factor, but the cheapest lab in town may not be the best for you. Examine your company, then find How to partnrer with an optical lab.

Discounts are appealing, but be wary of exceptions that can negate their value. Some labs offer lower lens prices but charge more for extras such as oversize lenses, lens polish, or lens treatments, canceling many of the savings.

Look for discounts on certain add-on combinations, such as coatings and tints. For attractive savings, some labs will bundle high-index or polycarbonate materials with progressive lenses. Using packages can help you increase your profit or even pass on some of the savings to your patients, giving you a competitive advantage in the eyewear market.

A volume discount is another popular option. You get a “valued customer” price break if you order a certain number of lenses or pay your bill on time. This means working with only one or two labs simultaneously for most practices, as dealing with too many labs makes managing your accounts difficult.

Remember that a discount is only helpful if you can take advantage of it. Look for the lab that offers the best deal on progressive and high-index lenses if you primarily dispense them. Even a 4% to 5% cost reduction can increase profit over time.

Clock the turnaround time

You’d be surprised how many patients you’ll lose if you told them their glasses wouldn’t be ready for another two weeks.

You may not be able to provide one-hour service like some larger retail chains, but you should complete the job as soon as possible. Many of your patients lead hectic lives and have demanding careers. They expect convenient, quick service, and it’s up to you to deliver. If you can’t get their glasses to them promptly, don’t be surprised if they go elsewhere.

Be aware of warranties

Most laboratories provide a warranty on scratch-resistant coatings. Furthermore, almost all progressive-addition lenses come with a nonadaptive warranty, allowing patients to return to flat-top bifocal or single-vision lenses. Some labs provide substantial discounts for doctor’s prescription changes or optician mistakes. Essentially, you should receive free or discounted replacement lenses for any patient who receives a free redo.


How to partnrer with an optical lab periodically inspect lab products. He must check the prescription’s accuracy (although this is rarely a problem today). He should also check the glasses’ construction and condition.

  • Was the frame returned to its original position after lens implantation so your optician may start from there?
  • Were the screws tightened or replaced?
  • Was a case offered if the lab provided the frame?

None of these details disqualify a lab, but if one is more committed to quality, why not choose it?

Best Framed

It’s best to offer patients high-quality frames and lenses at your optical dispensary. Your patient’s spectacles are your last impression. Working with the proper lab can help.

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