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How Flexibility Exercises Improve Wellness


Flexibility refers to the ability of your muscles and joints to move effectively through a range of motion without pain. Contrary to a common misconception, flexibility is not only achievable to people in sports; flexibility workouts can help anyone become flexible. Engaging in flexibility exercises for the first time can be challenging, but you can always get professional help from a stretch studio. 

An Overview of Flexibility Exercises

The four main types of exercises that form part of a healthy workout practice are endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility. You don’t have to do all these exercises daily. However, doing them regularly can help keep your body healthy and fit and make exercising enjoyable. 

Flexibility workouts aim to stretch your muscles and help keep you flexible even as you age. Flexibility makes it easier for you to engage in other exercises and carry out your daily activities. It can also enable you to avoid being uncomfortable if confined in one space for a long time, such as in a long plane flight or meeting. 

How Flexibility Exercises Enhance Wellness

Enhance Your Range of Motion

Moving your joints through their full range of motion can enhance your movement significantly. Regular stretches can help improve your range of motion. A study by NIH shows that dynamic and static stretching can help increase the range of motion. However, PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) kind of stretching is the most effective. PNF stretching entails stretching muscles to their full limit.

Enhances Blood Flow

Regular stretching can help enhance blood circulation. When you stretch, the blood vessels surrounding your target muscles widen, allowing more blood to pass through. More blood flow causes your heart to begin pumping more blood and the stretched muscles to receive more oxygen. An ample supply of oxygen in your muscles helps remove metabolic waste products from your body. 

It Helps to Prevent and Heal Back Pain

Stretching is one of the components of a back pain treatment plan. Flexible, well-stretched muscles are not highly prone to injury. Less flexible connective tissues and muscles limit joint mobility, which enhances the chances of strains and sprains. According to a study by Harvard Health School, coming up with a fitting exercise program- mainly done under expert supervision- can help build flexible, strong muscles that are less prone to injury.  

It Helps to Relieve Stress

Your muscles usually respond to emotional and physical stress by tightening up. Stretching can help relax the tense muscles and reverse the tension cycle. It also increases serotonin; the hormone involved in mood stabilization that lowers stress levels and makes one feel good. 

Let an Expert Help You Kick-Start Your Flexibility Exercises Today!

Assisted stretching entails having a trained and experienced practitioner stretch your body, mainly in a stretch studio or other dedicated facility. The expert will do the stretches manually and use special equipment. 

Assisted flexibility exercises are tailored to your needs and your goals. Since the experts are trained and experienced in what they do, you will get faster results without hurting your body. If you are living with chronic pains and aches, assisted flexibility exercises may provide some relief. 

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