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Easy Recorder Songs For Beginners


Are you (or do you know someone) a budding recorder player seeking the right selection of easy recorder notes to get them started?

You’ve found it!

Despite being a popular instrument for beginning performers, learning the recorder is not as simple as it appears. Not only will you need to learn finger placement and breath control, but you’ll also need to master related skills, such as reading standard musical notation.

As a result, it’s critical to learn the ideal songs when you’re first starting on the recorder, notes that are familiar and enjoyable to play while also establishing proper technique ifvod.

This article has compiled our experienced team’s ultimate list of easy recorder song lesson for beginners.

Happy Birthday to You (Patty & Mildred Hill)

Happy Birthday to You is a well-known song that you should have in your repertoire.

While it contains six notes, it has a simple tune and might be useful for practicing the recorder’s notes.

Hot Cross Buns (Traditional)

Originally, Hot Cross Buns was a street chant performed on Good Friday by sellers selling spicy English buns. This song has several verbal modifications, but the persistent tune makes it well-known.

This is a well-known beginner recorder song because it simply includes three notes and a repeated tune.

Soft Kitty/Warm Kitty (Edith Newlin)

While many people may recognize this children’s rhyme from the television show The Big Bang Theory, it’s also an excellent beginner song for those learning to play the recorder!

Because there are only five notes in the song and only four measures, it will be simple to polish the entire song.

Baby Shark (Pinkfong)

When Baby Shark originally came out, it had a vise-like grasp on children and caregivers worldwide. This tune comprises three notes, and the repetition of the F note will help you practice your time.

Amazing Grace (John Newton)

Amazing Grace is a lovely Christian hymn written by a clergyman in the 18th century.

It is often used in songbooks because it has five notes and a modest tempo, ideal for beginning recorder players.

Mary had a Little Lamb (Sarah Josepha Hale)

Mary Had a Little Lamb is a cute children’s song that many people grew up with. It’s also a perfect beginner song for the recorder because it includes four notes and a repeated tune.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm (Thomas d’Urfey)

Old MacDonald is a favorite for teaching kids animal noises and memory exercises, but it’s also great for learning the recorder!

Old MacDonald works well when played slowly and swiftly, ideal for novices wishing to improve their fingering. Five notes are used; however, they are centered on the G note.

Bingo Was His Name-O

Bingo Was His Name-O, also known as Bingo and He Had a Dog, is an excellent exercise for moving the recorder up and down a scale.

If it’s so effective at teaching young children to spell, why wouldn’t it be effective at teaching you to play the recorder?

Closing Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our best collection of simple recorder songs for beginners! Next, look at our list of easy recorder song lesson for beginners.

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